DSC00255 (640x453)Lake Tahoe has been my home for over 40 years.   I had an opportunity to move to Kauai, grew to love the culture and the Pacific but Da-ow-a-ga beaconed.  Before exploring the islands, I worked with the USFS here in Tahoe.  During that time, my love for the mountains developed into a bond that overpowered my love for the ocean. I returned home.   Hanalei Town with a view of Mt. Na Molokama, a...

College days were focused on Fine Arts and Earth Sciences.  I paint and have taught some classes locally with a focus on self expression and the healing aspects of the process.  Art is my passion and I tend to loose all sense of time during that process.Heavenly: Lake Tahoe from Powderbowl Woods (1)

Professionally, ski area management enhanced my life by giving me the opportunity to ski on a regular basis, meet magical people, and become part of a professional skiing community.  After twenty years in that arena, I hung my real estate license in Tahoe City. My husband is a builder and the fit was perfect.  I know building, houses, and the market.  I love design and architecture. Helping people find their perfect home is very rewarding. Da-ow-a-ga is thought by the Washo Tribe to be the giver of life.  This jewel in the Sierras has certainly given me a great life.  I want to share it.


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  1. I am familiar with South Lake having done work up there for the last 5 years or so. I have never however ventured to the North Shore. Planning a motorcycle ride up there this Spring. Perhaps I should. Cheers! Sy

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