PCommunity.  What does it mean to you?  A group of individuals inhabiting the same area with similar interests?  Or, is it more? This past weekend, Tahoe residents gathered to celebrate the life of two separate individuals.  They were both sons, husbands, brothers, grandchildren, co-workers, friends, and local Tahoe-Truckee residents.  Their paths never crossed during the course of their lives but many knew them both.  Our loss is heartfelt.

Lake Tahoe from eastcoast

Lake Tahoe from eastcoast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am grateful for this small mountain community. The jewel of the Sierra’s, Da-ow-a-ga (Tahoe), was considered by the native tribes to have healing powers.  Da-ow-a-ga was sacred and a “giver of life”.  Tahoe’s magic is not only found in the land but extends to the people who live here.

Community?  What does it mean to me?  Everything!  The true soul of the High Sierras is found in the people who love and support one another unconditionally.  Da-ow-a-ga gives life to it’s people by providing enchanting beauty, a stillness, resources, and an everlasting strength.  Its people are truly one with the land – magical.


5 thoughts on “Da-ow-a-ga

  1. You are sooooo lucky. The last vacation I took was in 2004 and it was in Tahoe. I was working in San Francisco at the time and my boss had let me use her house there for a few days. I rented a boat and had a fantastic time. I also took an afternoon to drive to the ghost town of Bodie. What a great part of the world you live in!!!

    • I do feel very lucky and I am glad you had such a great time. The lake is breathtaking! I love San Francisco! The diversity, the culture, the scenery – an inspiring city. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I do appreciate it. Please come back for another visit! The healing waters await!

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